Confronting The Madness

Ep. 25 Jonathan Kay Confronts Crowdsourcing Censorship

January 28, 2022

My guest today is Canadian journalist Mr. Jonathan Kay. Jonathan was the editor-in-chief of The Walrus (2014–2017) and is presently a senior editor of Quillette, an online magazine focused on long-form analysis and cultural commentary. Jon currently hosts the Quillette podcast and previously co-hosted a podcast with Dr. Debra Soh entitled, Wrongspeak.


As a pages editor, columnist, and blogger, Jonathan also previously worked for the National Post. He continues to contribute to the newspaper on a freelance basis. He is also a book author and editor, a public speaker, and a regular contributor to Commentary and the New York Post.


Jonathan and I discuss his career in media and how he has watched the landscape shift over time. We discuss the evolution, or devolution, of media, political correctness, the blurring lines between media and activism, and the crowdsourcing of censorship. 


We also address the attempt to have Jon 'de-platformed' from this podcast by an activist who sought to discredit him as a "rabid" transphobe.


It was a great conversation. Despite Jon's suspect Twitter game, he is articulate, thoughtful, funny, empathetic, and engaging. 


Editors note: Jon's PCR test, taken just before the interview, came up negative for rabies.




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