Confronting The Madness

Ep. 16 Yalda Kazemi Confronts Postpartum Mental Illness

July 20, 2021

My guest today is Yalda Kazemi.  Yalda’s story is powerful, emotional, honest, and raw.  Her courage in sharing her story is admirable. 

I feel obliged to make a content warning to listeners that some of the stories discussed in this episode are raw.

Yalda and I spoke about her journey battling postpartum depression, which eventually lead to postpartum psychosis.

23% of mothers having recently given birth reported feelings consistent with postpartum depression or anxiety.  The incidence of postpartum psychosis is 1-2 per one thousand births or, .001 -.002% likelihood. 10% of mothers who are diagnosed with postpartum psychosis result in either a mother’s suicide or infanticide.

Yalda is a mom, mental health advocate, entrepreneur, and author of a new book entitled Unapologetic Truths: The Realities of Postpartum We Don’t Talk About.  Her personal experience with postpartum mental illness has led her on a mission to be a voice for mothers who suffer in silence; and to raise awareness and break stigmas associated with mental illness.

A powerful conversation, with a powerfully courageous woman.

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